RFID Library Systems

RFID Systems have become an integral part of modern day libraries and provide key functionality of Self service, Theft detection and Inventory management. There are many popular RFID Systems available in the region, however Nexuslib represents a popular manufacturer of RFID Solutions and Services for libraries. The wide range of offering helps us to consult the customers based on their need analysis and also helps customers to decide based on various factors including but not limited to aesthetics, origin, future expansion, patents available, cost of ownership and post-sale support.

Nexuslib prides itself to be a Systems Integrator in the RFID Systems offering and will be able to facilitate the following RFID System components

  • RFID Labels – with pre-printed customer logos
  • Staff Assisted Stations for Item Issue/Return and Renewal
  • Security Gates for theft detection
  • Self Service Kiosk for Item Issue/Return and account management
  • Handheld for Inventory management
  • Book return units with Auto Sorters
  • Smart Shelve
  • Book Dispensers