Digital Asset Management Systems

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) are revolutionizing the way that libraries can store, organize and share digital assets. Nexuslib has an offering for DAMS requirements which is flexible, highly customizable and focuses on the individual needs of users in order to broaden access to library’s digital assets on an anytime-anywhere basis.

System provides every feature–ingesting, storing, indexing, cataloging, searching and retrieving–required for handling large text and rich content collections. System takes advantage of technology standards such as RDF, XML, TEI, EAD and Dublin Core to easily describe and index an assortment of electronic resources. System leverages the benefits of open-source solutions such as Apache, MySQL, McKOI and FEDORA™. System conforms to common Internet data communications standards such as TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP and FTP.

Additional standards utilized include WSDL Web Services, OAI-PMH, Dublin Core, MARCXML, JHOVE, MIX (Metadata for Images in XML Schema), and SRU. System can allow authorized users for web-based submission of any file format and allows contributors and other content creators to enter metadata into configurable, form-based templates.